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The iRadon Difference

Many of the companies offering Radon Mitigation Systems are not companies dealing with Radon gas or mitigation systems daily, but construction companies or contractors that have taken a mitigation class and obtained licensing from the state. Do these companies truly specialize in Radon Mitigation as a daily business? Do these contractors have the experience to reduce radon gas levels in your home effectively and safely throughout your home ownership? Do they have the experience to lower radon levels to the lowest possible level?

Most consumers purchase a Radon Mitigation System with a “Guarantee” that is not honored when something goes wrong with the system and ends up costing the home owner more money in the future. Fine Print words in a sales contract!

At iRadon, we cannot stress enough for consumers to watch out for cheap parts, cheap labor, and shortcuts. Some contractors want to get in and get out as fast as possible. We also want you to know that there are some real professionals out there that install excellent mitigation systems. iRadon will match any contractor’s price if we are comparing the same materials, labor, and system upgrades that we install as part of every mitigation system we install. These components are necessary to keep the system functioning, provide our guarantees, and reduce radon levels as low as possible.

Lowest Radon Levels Possible

iRadon offers Minnesota’s only 30-year performance guarantee. This is better than other guarantees. When you use professional testing techniques to design a radon mitigation system, with the best radon fan, and the best installation techniques, we can offer the best guarantee! See our mitigation system page for more information.

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Radon Away Logo

5 Year Fan Warranty

Most Radon contractors provide the manufacturers 5 year limited warranty that comes with most fans. At iRadon, we are so confident about our installation techniques and system designs that our radon fans will outperform the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is also transferable.

Quick Fan Installations

Some companies use cheap fans to increase profits, some use the same fan with every installation, but these fans may not be properly sized for the characteristics of your home. They may lower the radon levels, but not to the lowest level possible. Cheap fans start loud and get louder over time. iRadon only uses the best fans on the market that are designed and built to run quietly, thermally protected, and properly sized to your home through diagnostic testing we conduct under your home.

Fast vs. Safe Installs

The fast & cheap Radon Mitigation Systems are built with cheap labor which usually means sketchy work. Before you hire a company, make sure you know who is going to be in your home. Fast Service, may mean cheap labor, and shortcuts. We know that having people working in your home can be inconvenient. At iRadon we begin working our your home in the morning (taking your schedule into consideration) and usually get completed by late afternoon of that same day. We show up in uniform, company truck and trailer, and will answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to watch us work!

The iRadon Technicians

The entire  iRadon staff of field technicians are knowledgeable radon specialists. During radon mitigations they are all supervised under a licensed and certified iRadon professional. (licensed in the state of MN., with proof of ID) Our staff will show up in iRadon uniform and ready to install your system.

Cosmetically Appealing Radon Systems

Most of the time the iRadon technicians can hide the system components inside attics, garages, closets, or chase walls. This is great, cause most people don’t even notice that a Radon Mitigation System has been installed! Every time we install a radon system, we uncover every route option available to run the pipes and fan placement to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Price Quotes

Most of the time our staff can provide you with an estimate over the phone, this process generally takes about 10 or 20 minutes of your time for us to learn about the characteristics of your home and provide the estimate over the phone. In some cases it may be necessary for us to visit your home to provide an estimate, these cases generally consist of larger homes, or homes equipped with crawlspaces, open block wall, multiple additions or older homes. A proposal will be emailed to you that outlines exactly the work that we will perform to reduce the radon gas levels in your home, along with our guarantees in writing. In most cases your system can be installed the same week that you call us.

Does iRadon Provide Radon Testing?

We do provide preliminary testing of residential homes for home owners or for buyers and sellers for the purpose of a real estate transaction. iRadon will provide post mitigation testing once we install a mitigation system in your home; this is included with the installation fee. We also provide you 1 free retest 2 years after the system is installed. Simply call the nearest iRadon office and we will get you scheduled.

Get Started

Do you have questions about the iRadon testing or mitigation services? Do you need a quote or consultation?

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